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Phoenix Paintball

Gippsland's Premier Paintball Field

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Phoenix Paintball offers both traditional paintball and Splatball, a light version of Paintball suitable for younger participants age 16 and up.

Paintball is an exciting sport in which two opposing teams compete using paintball markers powered by compressed gas. The markers propel small capsules of harmless paint. Opponents exit the game when marked by paintballs, and the winning team is the first to eliminate all opponents and/or achieve an assigned task such as capturing a flag.

At Phoenix Paintball, we want our customers to receive a high level of service and a safe environment to participate in the sport of Paintball. To achieve this we provide well-maintained equipment and professional staff who assist our players to have the best possible day on our fields. We offer our services on the day to fit in with each group’s requirements. We don’t play a set number of games and then shove players out the door. If you still have paint to shoot we still have games to play.

What Our Guests Have to Say

Everyone had a blast despite the hot weather, and going home with some bruises this will definitely be the topic of conversation for the next little while till we can come back and do it all again!! Thanks for looking after us and providing us with an amazing time phoenix!!!

– Britney Thomas on Facebook

13 in attendance, we had an absolutely awesome time, even though the weather was forecast to be 41 degrees. AJ set us up in shady areas. Some of the best fun myself and the rest of the group had, can’t wait to go back. The bruises are totally worth it!

– Leigh Watkins on Facebook

Amazing location and courses! Price is really good for paintball and super flexible to suit any budget. Guys were super lovely and help and really focused on safety which was great! Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to have a go at paintball.

– Bec Green on Facebook

Thanks for a great day Phoenix team!! We had a blast on your paintball fields with our students! Peter was great with our students throughout the briefing, getting geared up and throughout the games. I'm confident the students will be talking about this for days alongside showing off their bruises!

– Jenna Rees on Facebook
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