What is Phoenix Splatball?

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“Phoenix Splatball” is a lite version of regular paintball but suitable for younger participants. Splatball uses smaller, lighter paintballs and a low velocity, pump action, spring powered paintball marker that is approved for younger participants to use. This means that younger players can now participate in paintballing without being exposed to the full power of regular paintball markers.

All safety equipment, instruction and supervision as undertaken with regular paintballing is adhered to and players are supervised through games with set, achievable objectives. Splatball games allow young players the opportunity to participate in a paintballing activity without the exposure to the full adult version of paintball. It also allows for the participants to play with other folk their own age.

Splatball is an ideal activity for birthdays, sporting groups, youth groups and as a family activity. There are several local community BBQ facilities for after game activities or the Erica Hotel is a very “kid friendly” venue if you wish to have a catered meal after playing.

Splatball is best played with a group of 8 to 12 players and sessions are 90 minutes. The cost to play is $45.00 a player which covers all equipment, instruction, supervision, free water and “unlimited paintballs”. Click here to download the Wavier and Permission forms. Both forms must be presented to staff before playing.