Paintball Packages - Per Person

200 Paintballs                  $70

Extra paintball available on field

100 Paintballs (1 Pod)        $20
500 Paintballs (1 Bag)        $80

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Supply of paintball marker, hopper, gas tank and barrel blocker.
Supply of goggles, face mask, and overalls (cleaned).
Number of paintball per package chosen.
Safety briefing and site induction.
As much bottled water as you can drink.
All prices include GST.
Lots of FUN!

What package should I buy?

Most people start with a 500-700 round package. Out of these packages, generally half the group will buy another 500 rounds of paint during their session. People who have played before generally start with the larger packages. Nearly everyone who gets a 300 round package ends up buying more paint. We don't put any pressure on anyone to buy a certain package or buy more paint, but it is there if you need it. Pricing is structured to give best value at the package price.

Optional extras (at cost)
Gloves - $10
Groin Protectors/cricket boxes - $5
Personal Mask $40
Personal Safety Package (Mask, Gloves, Groin Protector) $50

Extra paintballs on field
            $20 per 100
            $80 per Bag  (500)
Accommodation bookings

Other integrated tourism options - as detailed elsewhere on this website

Splatball Pricing

Splatball is run on a session rate of $45.00 for 90 minutes.
Pricing covers all equipment, unlimited paint, staff and free water.
More information on the Splatball page.