General Day's Play

Your arrival time at Phoenix Paintball will be confirmed at booking. Sessions start at either 10:00 am or 12:00 noon rain, hail or shine. (Foreseeable extreme weather conditions may require play being cancelled, please phone 1300 78 53 78 if in doubt.) To date we have not yet cancelled a session due to bad weather. Paintball is an all weather sport.

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What does a "session" consist of?

Upon arriving you will sign in, choose and pay for an initial package and any extra gear required, put on your overalls and listen to a safety briefing and site induction. You will be issued your safety gear and marker, assigned to a team and taken to the first field. We generally say a 500 round package gets you a session time of around 3 hours. This is from arriving till handing back the gear. Usually in a group of people, half of them will purchase more paint in this time, so it often doesn’t make the session run longer, they just play harder!! We don’t have rigid finishing times, apart from late in the afternoon when we must be finished by 6pm, so if you are still having fun and getting extra paint, you can play on till your group is either out of paint, time, energy or money -which ever comes first!!

During your session you will move through a variety of fields and play multiple games at each. Some games may be capture the flag or attack and defend a bunker, some have one life others have multiple lives. Games vary in length. There is plenty of time to stop and chat, compare notes, plan attacks etc between games. We don’t just give you a loaded gun and leave you to your own devices for hours!! We want you to enjoy your day without the rush of a following group.

The last shots will be fired by 6:00 pm, or when you have simply had enough, although in winter we seem to wind up earlier as it gets dark sooner. Phoenix Paintball provides free bottled water so don't bother bringing your own..

The Phoenix Paintball site has toilets and there are good local community BBQ facilities at Rawson and Erica. If heading bush Coppers Creek or Brunton's Bridge are good sites.

Showers are available at the local indoor pool (Nov - April) for a small fee of $2.00 per person. This is good for those wanting to go out afterwards. The pool is only a short drive from the gate - literally within 500 meters. Please let staffk now if you’d like to utilise this as we have to inform the pool that your group is coming.

Equipment and safety:

The markers and paintballs we supply are manufactured and maintained to precise standards. All privately owned equipment must be inspected and logged by staff. Please inform staff on booking if you are bringing privately owed markers.

The markers are powered by a small tank of compressed gas and are tested regularly by chronograph to comply to the international safety limit of 300 feet per second.

The paintballs are non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable and are designed to split open easily when they hit a target. Therefore old or poor quality, cheap paintballs are not allowable. For safety purpose only paintballs supplied by Phoenix Paintball are to be used on the field on the day of play. For more information see our media page for a YouTube media file on "How paintballs are made"

We will be supplied with personal protective equipment and a safety briefing in accordance with the Paintball Code of Practice. Protective equipment consists of a face mask and overalls for each player. Women are provided with a protective vest and men have the option to purchase a. cricket box. Gloves and your own personal mask are available for purchase if you would like a memento of the day to take away

Behavior obligations:

Our aim is for everyone to enjoy their visit to Phoenix Paintball. This includes giving due respect to players on opposing sides, visitors, spectators and other people in Lodge accommodation. Special care needs to be taken to avoid harming wildlife or farm animals (e.g. horses etc) on the site.

Therefore in accordance with the Victorian Paintball Code of Practice, we must ensure that anyone who may be a potential source of danger to themselves or others is not permitted to participate in paintball games. In particular, we will not permit a person to play if that person is, in our reasonable opinion, under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. This site has a zero alcohol tolerance. No physical contact between players is permitted during paintball games.

Non-compliance with these expectations or staff directions may result in immediate exclusion from the site, without compensation.