Gippsland’s Premier Paintball Field
Mountain Rivers Country Rawson

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Phoenix Paintball is set among 40 acres of bush at Rawson, Gippsland. Its purpose built fields provide an exciting venue for an action packed day participating in the extreme sport of paintball with friends.

Players purchase a package of 300, 500, 700 or a 1000 rounds depending whether they want to play in sniper or Rambo mode. There is always more paint available for purchase if they are running low and want to play on.

Each package includes hire of a mask, camouflaged coveralls, paintball marker, field equipment and paintballs. Water is supplied free of charge and professional referees are on site to keep things running smoothly for the day.

Fields at Phoenix Paintball include:


A challenging mix of bush, barricades and mounds. The object of the game is to capture the flag and get it to the opposing team’s end. With multiple lives, players are sure to be in the action for the duration of the game.


Flatter and no bush, but lots of barricades just over the legal limit to ensure the adrenaline runs high and there is action a plenty. Again, capture the flag and get it to the opposing team’s end.


If you’ve seen the opening scenes of “Saving Private Ryan” then you’ve seen D-Day at Phoenix Paintball. Landing craft with one team ready to fight their way up the beachhead to the flag. The other team are bunkered down ready to stop them. The whistle blows and the landing craft door drops to the ground exposing the troops to the rush of paint from above.

Boom Gate

The gate is down and the defenders are in their set positions in the bush. The attackers must raise the gate to win. Again there are multiple lives to allow players to continue on in the game and still enjoy their day.

Bush Fields

This is where things really begin to get exciting. Team against team, fighting against each other in any number of different game scenarios. From defending bunkers to stalking others in the bush, each game is challenging and becomes the focus of the conversation at its conclusion.

Chopper Down

If you have seen Blackhawk Down you'll understand the intensity of a frontal attack by an enemy force. Being inside the Chopper is the same. Can you team mates get across the divide to get you back to safety or will they be repelled by the rain of fire they will come under trying.

What Makes Phoenix Paintball “Sooo” Different

By the time you finish for the day you will have played on a number of different

purpose built fields. You will have been challenged by games that have different scenarios and can even be won, sometimes!! You will not be rushed through your day.

Our staff are there to assist you and see that your equipment is kept in good order along with providing professional level referees to help the day run safely and smoothly. We are there to see that you enjoy the experience and will want to visit us again.

Our Commitment

At Phoenix Paintball we want our customers to receive a high level of service and a safe environment to participate in the sport of Paintball. To achieve this we provide well-maintained equipment and professional staff who assist our players to have the best possible day on our fields. We offer our services on the day to fit in with each group’s requirements. We don’t play a set number of games and then shove players out the door. If you still have paint to shoot we still have games to play.

Phoenix Paintball can be contacted on 1300 78 53 78 or by email at

Our web page has further information as well as a media link for pictures and videos of what to expect. You can find us at: