Peninsula Paintball Club Inc.

Phoenix Paintball is a Gippsland branch of the Melbourne Based Peninsula Paintball Club allowing members in the Gippsland region a local venue for training and playing purposes.

At Rawson, the club is a very easy going group of people who are currently a lot more focused on social play than competition, so the games are a lot of fun. Club days have been operating since the start of January 2008.

Club Day:

Club days are a great opportunity to meet others who enjoy the sport of paintball and also give you the opportunity and affordability to play on a monthly (or less frequent) basis without having to organise a group of 10 or more friends to secure a session booking.

Club members own and use a wide range of paintball markers from entry level to high tech and advice is always available to those looking to try out, or buy their own (second hand gear is often available from members too).

Club days are held on the second Sunday afternoon of each month. New members, visitor players and spectators are always welcome. Membership is only $20 per year plus a $20 initial joining fee. For further information/prices please contact Phoenix Paintball on 1300 78 53 78.

On club days, members are allowed to use their own markers after appropriate checking by the staff at the start of the day. Rental equipment is also available on the day. Only paintballs purchased from Phoenix Paintball are to be used on club days. Bush games have a no force-feed loader restriction as well. (Speedball/Sup-Air games have no such restriction).

Other Club Benefits

Being a member of the Peninsula Paintball Club has some additional benefits over just attending regularly as a public visitor. Regular notifications are sent out to club members of upcoming events and club member days. There are also opportunities to attend paintball marker safety training courses which, along with your current club membership, allow you to apply for a P-Class Firearms Licence which is required if wanting to own you own paintball marker (See Below).

Also, because the club is not just based at Phoenix Paintball Rawson, you are able to travel to the other Peninsula Paintball Club venues to attend their monthly club days as well.

Acquiring Your Own Paintball Hardware

Currently (Dec 2008), to be able to purchase and own your own paintball marker in Victoria you must have a P-Class firearms licence. To apply for one of these licences you need to be a current paid-member of a registered paintball club (Such as PPC), be over the age of 18 and have completed a paintball marker safety course within the last 12 months prior to application. Licence application forms can be obtained from your local police station, your District Firearms Officer (DFO), or from the Victorian police website.

After completing the application form (including gathering your required certified copies of identification) and posting to the police, and if this is your first firearms licence, you will need to wait out a 28 day holding period before your licence is processed and a payment slip is returned to you. Upon payment of your licence fee, your license will be mailed to you and may take up to an additional week to arrive.

To obtain a firearm, you now need to complete an application for a Permit to Acquire (also available at your local police station, DFO or Vic Police website) outlining the type of firearm you are wishing to acquire. Again, if this is your first firearm, you must wait another period of 28 days before the payment slip is returned to you. Once paid, you take the bank-stamped permit to your firearms dealer to purchase your paintball marker (which needs to be stored as per the requirements of your licence).

Note: You can submit your Application for a Permit to acquire with your Licence Application and the 28 day holding period will run concurrently.